Anneke Bester

Anneke’s passion for the classics is recognised in her work themes; the beauty of the horse and an admiration for the female form.  Bester is a follower of the neo-renaissance movement and is at her best when celebrating the forms of nature.  Just as beautiful poetry is ‘allowed’ to rhyme again, so sculptural pieces are again taking a figurative form, and reflecting the beauty around us.  Bester majored in Sculpture and Graphics at the Pro Arte School in Pretoria, South Africa.  Being an admirer of the scholars Carl Jung and Thomas Moore, she strives in not taking the world at face value, but enjoys the challenge of exploring deeper to find the underlying currents of emotion and reason.  Anneke’s work is celebrated with a public displayed art collection with eight bronze life-size falcons at the biggest mall in the world in Dubai.  Her work is also held in private collections in Hong Kong, South Africa, Mozambique, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand.


b 1976

(Work above)

Title: Entreinte du sol   $NZD POA    Size: 20 x 9.5 x 33cm   

Medium: Bronze

Title: Soar   $NZD POA    Size: 53.5 x 43cm   

Medium: Bronze

Title: Secretive   $NZD POA    Size: 53.5 x 43cm   

Medium: Bronze