Soodesh Jooron

Self taught with a realism style, artist Soodesh Jooron received a Mahatma Gandhi Institute art award recognised at a young age for his talent.  He credits being influenced by philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti with his work.  In 1986 Jooron migrated from Mauritius to the United Kingdom where he continued his art, and from 1998 has been living in New Zealand.  Jooron has work held in private collections world wide and has exhibited in India, England and New Zealand.  Especially for his larger works he prefers to stretch his own canvas using heavy-duty material.  He comments, “As an artist I value technical ability, ideas and presentation of the work.  For me the work has to originate from within and then I find the connection in the world, mainly New Zealand, and translate this into painting.”  He explains “It can take five months to ten years to create a work because it formulates in the mind and I wait for it to happen, then I put my ideas into what I have seen and make it work.”  Sharing his personal perspective he mentions “One creates a painting, however it is the viewer that contributes the finishing touch for me...  When the viewer from their own experience connects to the painting, creating a memory and new experience for one’s mind.”

b 1961    

(Work above)

Title: Falls Creek, Milford Sound    $NZD POA    Size: 100 x 120.5cm

Medium: Oil on canvas