Geoff Williams

With every stroke meticulously executed Geoff uses a painstaking crosshatched technique to create his works.  It is these small details in which we find the artists dedication to perfection.  He uses mainly acrylics for their fast drying quality, however he also works with water colours and pencil.  Geoff initially trained as a commercial sign writer.  Geoff’s work can be equally appreciated on close inspection as afar.  He comments “as I journey through life I interpret and illustrate the things that give my life meaning.  Whilst obviously realistic, the images are manipulated to convey a feeling and tell a story that may not necessarily be true but must be convincing and imbued with a sense of magic and wonder.”  Geoff’s works are found in private collections in Switzerland, Canada, Australia, London, Japan, Germany, U.S.A. and throughout New Zealand. 

(Work above)

Title: Bubbles on Tomahawk Lagoon   $NZD POA    Size: 152 x 100.5cm    Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Title: Skull   $NZD POA    Size: 30 x 15cm   

Medium: Pencil